Five in Five- 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™ with Karen Trepte

Chaos and disorder ruling your life? Learn how to reclaim your time and bring peace and productivity to your day on today’s 5 in 5 with Karen Knode Trepte!

Posted by Gina Gomez on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Listen in as Karen Trepte shares her Get Out of Your Own Damn Way story. 


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ABOUT THIS GUEST:  Karen Trepte is an Intuitive Business Coach for entrepreneurs with big hearts and even bigger dreams. Her super power is turning soul whispers into business brilliance and translating confusion into clarity. She learned the ropes by starting numerous successful businesses including a flower shop and multiple MLMs. She even used to carry her daughter on her back to sales calls! Karen’s motto is “Work is joy.”

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