By Trisha Condo, a Psychic Medium and Intuitive

I am a Native American Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach.

For 6 years, I have been reading people and coaching for one. I have a particularly special gift of clairaudience and clairvoyance, which I’ve fine tuned over the decades. When I was five years old, I noticed that I could see and hear my spirit guide, ghosts, and spirits. I also sensed people’s auras very quickly.

I would often see spirit children and men walk around as if they were alive. Some of them had no idea they were “dead.” As I would play with my Cabbage Patch dolls, I would hear voices coming from them. I shared this information with my mother, who is a closet medium. The news didn’t go over well.

She wanted my room blessed because, at the time, she tried to protect me out of fear from her own gifts. When I was 8 years old, I decided to close down this clairaudience and clairvoyance. I prayed each night for it to “shut off” and gradually my gift closed down.

When I was 19 years old, I gave tarot readings to my mom (my first client). Then my friends and their friends wanted in on the action. Before heading out to the bar, they would ask me for tarot card readings, and I’d get a sense of their futures very quickly. Word of mouth spread very fast. I began to get more clients.

Fast forward to University. When I was 28 years old, I became very curious about my gift and sobered up. For 10 years, I drank, self medicated, and turned off my vibes. My verbal and physically abusive relationship with a French man named *Andy has ended. I moved to a 1-bedroom apartment in Lennoxville, Quebec. In a Native Women’s Shelter in Montreal, I also worked as a weekend front line worker. Imagine that. I lived the story of a victim. Deeply ashamed of my inner state of chaos, I changed for the better. My soul evolved. I reached out for help. Help came in the form of medicine men and a job as a secretary in my Native Community. One night, I drank so much I got alcohol poisoning. The next day, I decided to stay sober. And something magical happened. The Universe listened to my prayers.

One day, I stumbled upon and was instantly attracted to a spiritual teacher, Sonia Choquette. I read Sonia Choquette’s Diary of a Psychic. Her chapter on dot really taught me to meditate and open up my clairaudience channel. I continued to use tarot cards as a tool in my psychic readings and I tuned into my guide for deeper specific information. My guides relayed specific details about the person’s future, especially in career, love, finances, and health.

When I graduated with my second degree, I decided to focus on teaching elementary children. I still heard my guide and my gift grew. I read for my friends and their friends and gave casual advice.

10 years later, I soul searched and followed my heart. In my 6th year of teaching elementary children, I questioned my true purpose. My heart led me to my true passion: psychic and coach. I am still an elementary teacher by day and a psychic medium and intuitive coach by night. Combining my talents. Becoming a professional psychic medium and coach freed me. I am reminded of seeing my spirit guide in a makeshift cedar closet my dad built. Interestingly enough, that closet is a great metaphor for “being in the closet” and “coming out of the spiritual closet.”

Questioning my purpose really shook me up and made me realize I feel more on the right path with my intuitive work. I feel aligned. More on fire. All of the doubts slowly disappeared. I asked the fundamental questions: “Who am I really? What am I doing in a traditional type of teaching job? Is there more for me? Am I supposed to take the risky road?”

When I accepted my spiritual gifts, opportunities began to appear. My fears subsided. I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School, Colette Baron-Reid’s Intuitive Coaching Program, and Master’s in Curriculum Studies. I worked at a new age store in Maria, Quebec giving psychic readings to French and English clients.

Miracles happened to me one by one. My website using my name, business cards, taking courses, meeting spiritual teachers and other psychics, getting more clients, and so much more transpired into my life. Also, I traveled to the New Brunswick pow wows to showcase my psychic gifts and help more people. I hired Laura Belgray and Lauren Vanessa Zink to write my website copy, which I am forever grateful for.

I still hear spirit guides, angels singing to me, and spirits communicating to me from the other side. Telepathy is an interesting gift. Most mediums are either in the closet or not are meant to help people live and look forward fearlessly. I’ve become an international Psychic Medium. My clients span all over the globe. I can see and hear the future with the help of my spirit guide.

I have learned 3 great lessons:

1. Listen and follow your own heart. Ignore the naysayers. You’ll meet them, even if they are your family members.

2. Trust your own vibes. The Universe has a better soul plan for you. You are here to change the world. You may feel as a stranger in a strange land. You’re not alone. We are all different. Reach out to a radio show, i.e. Hay Houseradio, and spiritual teachers. Read and learn about your special gifts. If something feels “off,” it usually is. TRUST IT.

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3. Act on the subtle guidance coming to you. The creator makes no mistakes. When life gets tough, make a plan to get out of a bad situation. Notice the signs through movies, animals, cloud formations, teachers, unhealthy family members or partners, or your own unhealthy habits.

About Trisha

Trisha lives in Gesgapegiag, Quebec, Canada with her fiancé and her dogs, Alex and Bailey. She is an international psychic medium, channeler, and mentor. She currently has a biweekly radio show entitled Trisha Condo show on CHRQ 106.9 FM in Listuguj, Quebec. You can follow her on website, facebook, and instagram.